Here are some testimonies of those who have read The Return.

1)  "Controversial" - the best word to describe this book. It's no surprise
we are living in the end-times. What is surprising are the questions that
arise from reading this book. You will be challenged as to 'what' you
believe and 'why' you believe what you do. Dwayne uses both the Old and New
Testaments to help us understand this pivotal time we are living in. God
instructs us to ask for His wisdom and discernment. Pray first, read this
book, then pray again. Then pass this book on to your friends... and let the
controversy begin.     
 - Rob & Vicki Nikiel

2)   Being one who has been blessed and shown God's Plan for the future of
mankind, I wholeheartedly acknowledge and endorse this book. "The Return-
Rapture Revelation" will allow or give opportunity for all people to know
their future through God's Perspective and how to prepare for that
approaching day. 
 - Bill Bryden - end-time seer of God.

3)   Having spent my whole life in the church, including over 20 years in
ministry and hearing about the soon return of Christ, I have seen many
people become calloused and indifferent to the subject because things didn't
happen when they thought it should.  I believe that whether or not you agree
with all of the conclusions in Dwayne's book, the church needs to be
awakened to the urgency of the hour in which we live and I believe this book
will help do exactly that. 
 - Senior Pastor - Gary Mason - Medicine Hat Family Church

4)   "It is rare in life when you encounter a scripture based book that
sheds light on the end-times in the way that 'The Return-Rapture Revelation'
does. Dwayne Wigemyr has intently researched and skillfully written a book
that will be an awakening for this generation. It will challenge your
pre-existing beliefs that you may understand the times you live in. It will
prepare your heart in how you should live."
 - Senior Pastor - Dr. Len Zoeteman - Calgary Full Gospel Church

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